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Cheriyal: The Heritage Craft from the state of Telangana

By :Vijendra Sargwan 0 comments
Cheriyal: The Heritage Craft from the state of Telangana
India’s wealth lies in its diverse heritage culture. Diversity in crafts is a direct reflection of unique traditional practices. These differences provide an impetus to many tourists to visit India at least once in a lifetime. India has been a place of attraction since the ages. From north to south and east to west we find some of the best examples of Indian arts and crafts.

Cheriyal Specs Holder

Cheriyal painting is a nakashi art from the state of Telangana. It was originated around 5th century and many people still practice this art for their livelihood. Paintings characters are based on the mythological characters from Mahabharata, Ramayana, Garuda puranas, Markandeya and many others mythological scripts. These Cheriyal painting was the way of storytelling. They are made on long vertical cloths. The narrator would use these paintings as a visual presentation during storytelling. Earlier it was a way to educate moral values to the children by the storytelling from the treasure of our mythological scripts.

Cheriyal Wall Hanging

How they are made?

  • First the mixture is prepared from boiled rich starch, white clay, gum, boiled tamarinds speed paste and then this mixture is coated over the khadi cloth. This takes couple of days.
  • After done with the cloth figure is drawn on the cloth. Sharp outlines are done with help of brush.
  • Lastly artist fills the colors in the paintings. In paintings red color background is used to highlight the figures.
  • Leaves, flowers, and trees are made on border to finalize the painting.
As the time evolves, the art has also evolved, now these cheriyal paintings are based on day to day life works also and they are made on paper, besides the paintings cheriyal artist used to make dolls and figuring. It is made of light wood called tellapuniki along with sawdust and tamarind seed paste is use to make the dolls. Now in modern times this heritage craft is losing the charm and utility.

But we can interpret and support this art by presenting these paintings as visual stories on the wall of our homes and offices. Here at the shopchaupal we are trying to revive our traditional art and craft. You can explore our cheiyal collection and be a part of reviving the Indian art & Craft culture