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Phad Paintings: A nostalgic journey

By :Anshika Jain 0 comments
Phad Paintings: A nostalgic journey
Relive your childhood nostalgia with a touch of our culture with our phad paintings!
Everyone remembers listening to stories from their parents or grand parents when they were kids. The stories used to be so mesmerizing that we'd imagine the characters in real life.
'Phad' in the local dialect means fold. The Phad paintings depict the heroic tales of Pabuji the Rathod Rajpur chief. The priests also known as Bhopas in a group of two or three sing the tales illustrated in the Phads and musical tribute is paid to the hero. The musical and sometimes chanted narration is in colloquial Rajasthani dialect.
Buy our Phad paintings and keep a part of your childhood and our culture alive in your homes!
Tags : Story
categories : Chaupal Stories