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Votive: A Religious Offering

By :Vijendra Sargwan 0 comments
Votive: A Religious Offering

Religious offering is common in every religion and it is the purity of fire and light such as Diyas in Hinduism, Buddhism and votive (candles) offering in Christianity and there are many other things which are the part of religious offering but Diyas and votive (candles) are more often used in daily life because they are associated with prayers. Votive is a small candles, which is intended to burn as an act of prayers.

Candles are now not only used in prayers but also for home décor and for the special occasions. Candle holders thus are gaining popularity since they are both safe and beautiful to use. There are now beautifully crafted designer candle holders available in the market.

In the below image you can see the beautiful votive candle holder. It is a handmade votive holder made by local Indian artisans, it outer cover is a made of the leather and beautiful hand painted drawing is drawn over the cover.


Votive Candle Holder


The painting over the outer cover is a Madhubani Painting. It is a folk painting of Bihar. This dual use holder is a perfect thing for your table décor. When there is occasion of home decoration, Party or wedding. It is always a good choice when a something is both functional and fashionable like votive holder. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at you occasion or in your votive holder will your space a cozy glow.

You can explore our collection of votive at These are in elegant style and design, votive tea light candle holders suitable for bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining room, guest room, drawing room and table decoration. These are great ways to decorate your house for Christmas and New Year. Also suitable for coffee shops, hotels, restaurant and bar.