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A Rakhi that regenerates forests

By :Leenika Jacob 0 comments
A Rakhi that regenerates forests

This Rakshabandhan, let your love for your brother also nurture mother earth through this forest friendly, organic, seed rakhi. 

 This Rakhi has been designed and hand crafted by Garhwali women of the Him Vikas Self-Reliant Cooperative (HVSRC)*, in Jharipani, Kanatal. It is made out of pine tree bark, mauli (kalava/ moui/ raksasutra/  pratisara/ kaapu/ kayiru or charandu) - the traditional thread and local lentil seeds and rice: the staple Garhwali food.

 Image credit: HVSRC, Uttrakhand

Pine tree (Pinus Roxburghii) is a problematic invasive species in the Shivaliks & Sub-Himalayan ranges, as it is rapidly taking over the native broad-leaved forests of Oak, Rhododendron, Utis and Kafal, amongst others.Too many pine trees are a major contributing factor for depleting groundwater levels, forest fires and soil degradation with its combustible barks and needles. 

Image credit: HVSRC, Uttrakhand

To save their native ecology from Pine invasion, the Him Vikas Self-reliant Cooperative (HVSRC)* is organizing plantation drives of native flora (fruit trees & indigeneous varieties) within common areas and Van Panchayats of their villages. Half of the profits of each Rakhi would contribute to this drive.

Image credit: HVSRC, Uttrakhand

Let’s fight the virus together by saving nature and supporting the mountain community.

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