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Leather Puppets (Tholu Bommalata) Reflection from Indian Mythology

By :Vijendra Sargwan 0 comments
Leather Puppets (Tholu Bommalata) Reflection from Indian Mythology

To all the craft and Indian mythology enthusiasts here is an amazing craft making that would interest you which is aesthetic and would look amazing in your house and collection.

Andhra Pradesh’s Craft leather puppet is also known as tholu bommalata (tholu- leather, bommalata- puppet dance). These puppets are famous for being transparent and having jewels that glow in the light. These puppets are based on folktales and stories like Mahabharat and Ramayana.

The process of making these puppets is done very carefully after each step is done with details and precision so the product is beautifully and satisfactory. The skin of goats and sheep is used for these puppets which are then cleaned and soaked in lime water for 10- 15 days. When the skin becomes smooth it's cleaned using a knife and again soaked for 10 days but this time in water and karaka powder (a local vegetable dye) then it's ready for decoration and cut into shape. These leather puppets are purely made by hand, so that it can get the desired precision. These handmade puppets craft is only the livelihood of many artisans in Andhra Pradesh.

The leather puppets are not only limited on the ancients tales, There are many moderns concepts on which these puppets are created which make them essentials for the home décor. There are many designs available on the Shopchaupal.

Girl Leather Puppets

One of our bestseller products is the tholu bomma leather puppet which is a girl puppet wearing a beautiful combination of skirt, top, and accessories. This puppet looks beautiful hanging on the curtains using thread or even as a bookmark or just as a showpiece in your cabinets due to the bright colours used, they are easy to look at.

Vishnu Avatar Puppet

For all the Indian mythology interested audience we have one of the most interesting sets of puppets – the Vishnu Ji dash Avatar leather puppets. Each of the Avatar is carefully colour and jeweled telling a story of their own. They will look great in your collection with all different types of hues that people would fawn over it.

Get ready to be impressed by what we have in store from Ram, Krishna, and many more mythological figures. Visit our website Shopchaupal.