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Navalgund Dhurries

By :Leenika Jacob 0 comments
Navalgund Dhurries

A new year means a new beginning and with every new beginning, your surrounding should also change. For this new year decorate your home with these Navalgund durries to welcome your guest or start the year with these carpets spread across your floor for all the traditional occasions. The Navalgund durries are known for their quality of structure, their colour, and cotton used in them, and after using this product it’s not far from the truth. These durries look so beautiful and aesthetic when they are placed in your room. It brightens the rooms with colour and makes your room better.

The name Navalgund means the hill of peacocks the place is famous for its Jamkhana which in the local language means floor mats which are used as floor coverings for decoration. The unique part about this handcraft is that they incorporate the pattern of peacocks which the place is famous for.

The process of making these durries is passed down from generation to generation from the mother to the daughter in law of the family. The basic step to make these durries is to use a set of threads that runs through the length of the durries and is covered by the weft. Then to detail the work a stick is used to wrap them which then is shifted to the loom and then weaving is done, to give the durries different colours the weft is dyed with dyes of various colours mixed with water.

There are two types of navalgund durries based on their sizes one is prayer durries and another is normal durries


Navalgund Dhurries


One of the bestselling durries which we have is known as char more Jamkhana which means 4 peacocks. The peacocks in the centre of the durries make you look at it more than once the design with a hint of red appeals to the eyes takes all the attention given with geometrical colourful design on its side. Seeing as these durries are made explicitly by the women of the community the sense of female touch gives it a look that would make you use the durries on daily basis.
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