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Traditional Pattachitra Ganesh story - Raghurajpur Odisha

Rs. 16,250.00


Product Material :- Handmade Natural Colors 

Dimensions :- 24 x 40 (Inches)

Artist Name :- Bisnhu Mohapatra

Patachitra painting is a traditional art form. The colour used in this art form are from naturally procured handmade colours and canvas. 

Pattachitra or Patachitra is a general term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting based in the eastern Indian state of Odisha and West Bengal. Pattachitra artform is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives and folktales inscribed in it. Pattachitra is one of the ancient artworks of Odisha, originally created for ritual use and as souvenirs for pilgrims to Puri, as well as other temples in Odisha. Pattachitras are a component of an ancient Bengali narrative art, originally serving as a visual device during the performance of a song.

Shipping And Delivery

India :- 10-14 Days

International :- 21-30 Days