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Bed Runner- Hand Woven Textiles- Assam

Rs. 1,841.00

Product Description
Dimension:- 80"x14" (Inches)
Material: 100% Cotton
Natural Dyes and Colours 

Textile Process:

These Red Runner have been created from the textile woven using the throw shuttle looms used by women of the Mising Tribe.

The Mising women are experts in textile weaving. The textile represents the traditional legacy of the Mising. Handloom weaving can be adjusted to weave from a simple plain piece of fabric to a varied and complex artistic pattern, but the beauty of its production depends largely upon the manual skill of the weaver. It will be interesting to note here that in the weaving of the finest quantity of cloth and the most delicate pattern with extra weft, a handloom always proves to be a better and more successful means in comparison to a power loom.

Wash Instructions:

First wash by hand
Subsequent washes can be made in a washing machine

Shipping & Delivery- 
Domestic-10-14 days
International- 20-25 days