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Hand Embroidered Phulkari 'Black Tunic Yoke'- Punjab

Rs. 5,200.00

Phulkari means flower work, Phulkari derives its richness from the use of darn stitch in different directions (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal). Unlike others, embroidery on Phulkari was done from the wrong side of the fabric.

This unique and stylish product has been crafted exclusively for you by a woman artisan from a village in Nabha, using indigenous skills in the Phulkari embroidery.  

The traditional Phulkari embroidered motifs combine a sophisticated expression of art and love interwoven to create a one of its kind product, with an exquisite combination of colours.  Adding to the uniqueness of this piece, the embroidery was done on a natural hand-woven fabric.