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Handspun Tussar Silk Dupatta (Large Stole)-Textiles-Odisha

Rs. 12,423.00

Material :- Tussar Silk

This hand spun tussar dupatta is woven by skilled weavers of Odisha .The weave design and finesse is unique as it is made slowly by hand. women in Gopalpur spin raw silk threads on thighs and further twist it by hand. Wear elegance with this apple green colored dupatta complimented with intricate extra weft-brocade motifs.

PANKAJA SETHI studio creates hand-woven experimental textiles inspired from indigenous traditions weaving design language, craft and innovation together. Pankaja Sethi textiles are aesthetically simple and modern with contemporary appeal made by weavers of Odisha.


Apple green


2.5 m


Hand spun Tussar


36 inches


Shipping & Delivery:
Domestic-10-14 days
International- 20-25 days