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Handmade Leather Wall Clock- Leather Puppetry- Andhra Pradesh

Rs. 4,230.00
Product Material:- Leather/Tholu Bommalata
Dimension :- Diameter 12" Inches

Master Artisan: Sindhe Gangi Setty

This clock has been handmade by a leather puppet maker artisan. It is a work of art.
The leather puppetry of Andhra Pradesh is amongst the oldest shadow puppet traditions. It is a medium of entertainment, of sharing and transmitting folklore, and of communicating information and knowledge. Most leather puppets were, and continue to be, influenced by the social context around the artists.
Craft Process:
The traditional process of crafting shadow puppets requires 30-40 days, from the procurement of leather to the completion of the product.

Shipping and Delivery:-
Local = 10-14 days
International = 21-28 days