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Handmade Sitalpatti Baskets- West Bengal

Rs. 1,073.00


Sitalpatti Craft
Material: Murta Plant Leaves
Size: 6 X 6 X 6 Inches
Sitalpati also called sital pati and sittal pati, is a kind of mat which feels cold by nature. It is made from murta plants (Schumannianthus dichotomus). It is usually used in the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh .Mats with decorative designs are called nakshi pati. Bags, mats, file covers, hats, baskets, boxes, jewellery items are made from this plant. Home furniture can also be decorated.
Shipping & Delivery:
Domestic: 10-15 Days
International: 20-25 Days
If Item is not in stock. Time for making mats will be included.