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Handmade Tangaliya Key Holder - Gujrat

Rs. 1,138.00

Tangaliya is a 700-year-old craft that can be found only in Surendranagar, Gujarat. The Dangasia community of this region is the only community which has the knowledge and expertise of the weaving technique that is used to make Tangaliya, also known as Daana weaving. Tangalia derives its name from tang or leg. This garment was earlier worn by women of the Bharwad community. A black fabric with contrasting embellishments created by woven dotted forms. The essence derived from the compositions created by colourful dots, which is simultaneously created on both the sides of the fabric.


Product Material :- Wooden Tangaliya

Product Dimension :-  Length :-  6" x 6" x .5"

Shipping And Delivery

Domestic :- 10-15 Days

International :- 20-25 Days