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Navalgund Dhurrie- Karnataka (6ft*12ft)

Rs. 23,984.00


The name of the town, ‘Navalgund’ means the “hill of peacocks.” This place was famous for our national bird and was later incorporated as a part of the pattern in the jamkhana, which are famous for their colorful designs of peacocks. Jamkhana in local language means floor mats which are widely used as floor coverings for decorations. It is flat, weaved floor coverings made of twisted cotton yarn which are called durrie placed on certain occasions like weddings, personal ceremonies, religious gatherings and other special occasions.

Size: 6ft x 12ft
Specifications: Warp & Naturally dyed Cotton Yarn

Shipping & Delivery-

Domestic: 15-20 Days

International: 20-25 Days

Due to time taken for crafts.