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Occidental Kalighat Painting 'BABU SERIES' by Laltu Chitrakar - West Bengal

Rs. 7,613.00
Painting - Kalighat Patachitra Art

SIZE- 12" by 5" (inches)

MEDIUM- Natural Colors (extracted from fruits, vegetables and flowers)

ARTIST- Laltu Chitrakar

Kalighat paintings, also known as Kalighat Patachitra are another form of local trend in paintings prevalent throughout the late 18th and 19th century around Kolkata's kalighat temple. This style originated after colonial rule when the Bengal Artists lost their livelihood and hence to survive, they started painting Kalighat Patachitras. The subject of these paintings has evolved with time as earlier artists used to paint on traditional regional subjects, but now they also depict the incoherence of urban life in their paintings. Kalighat Patachitra derives definite inspiration from folk dolls and statuettes. Over time, they have gained immense popularity for their simple and unique features.

CRAFT HERITAGE- Chitrataru Cluster GI tagged 2018.

This is an original art piece and not a print. The frame is not part of the sold item.

Shipping and Delivery:
Domestic:- 10-14 Days
International - 20-25 days