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Paper Mache Chritsmas Hanging Ball - Kashmir

Rs. 467.00


Base Color Red With Birds 

Product Material :- Paper Mache

Dimension :-   3"(7.5cm)

The hangings are given the form of a ball and are painted a bright red. This reddened base is then contrasted by snow flakes which span the essence of the hanging. Made from the remnants of waste paper, the balls are transformed to a luxurious piece of decor by skilled artisans of the Vale. Hang them within your living space or let them sit on those barren shelves and let their bright colors and eclectic designs blend in with the dream theme of your artsy home and brighten up your abode with their unmatched charm and beauty.

Shipping & Delivery:-

Domestic :- 10-14 Days

International :- 20-25 Days