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Patua Scroll 'CORONA' by Aroti Chitrakar - West Bengal

Rs. 16,575.00
Patua Scroll - Patachitra Art with the Corona Song

MEDIUM- Natural Colors (extracted from fruits, vegetables and flowers)

CRAFT HERITAGE- Chitrataru Cluster GI tagged 2018.

ABOUT THE ARTIST- Rahim Chitrakar (Master Artisan) Patuas practice the ancient folk art of painting patachitra or scrolls. The Patua community of West Bengal has practised the ancient craft of patachitra since the 13th Century. The traditional painters would wander from village to village, entertaining and educating village folks. They would unroll each hand-painted scroll, frame by frame, and sing pater gaan or narrative songs that they had composed themselves.

This is an original art piece and not a print. The song video will be sent to separately via email upon purchase of this artwork.

Shipping Details:

Domestic Shipping- 10-14 days

International Shipping- 20-25 days