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Kettle by Master Artisan Rahim Chitrakar

ARTIST- Rahim Chitrakar (Master Artisan)

Rahim Chitrakar is a leading, young Patachitra artist from Pingla block of Paschim Medinipur district. His father is master artist Dukhushyam Chitrakar who is respected by the whole community. He started learning the art at the age of eight and went on to win the district prize in 2005. Apart from painting traditional Patachitra, Rahim works on diverse products, including dress material. He has participated in events across India. 
Patua artists started making contemporary products pivoting with contemporary time after the colonial rule. It’s the evolution for survival in today's world. In this evolution, the surface on which they are painting is changing, but their unique art form is clearly visible on the product, making it special.

CRAFT HERITAGE- Chitaru Cluster GI tagged 2018, Mednipore