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Handcrafted Wooden Fork - Uttar Pradesh

Rs. 410.00

Product Material: Wooden-Sheesham wood.

Product dimension: 5" Length

Benefits of Wooden Cutlery

  • Eco-friendly: Wooden cutlery provides environmental, social, economical, and health benefits for the planet. As wooden cutlery is biodegradable, when left with nature it allows new life to sprout.  
  • Safer: Unlike metals, ceramics, and plastic cutlery, wooden cutlery are safer because they have no sharp edges, and they do not breed organisms.
  • After Use: If you don’t want to throw your wooden cutlery away, you can always donate them for recycling. You can also use them to make compost for your garden, or use them to create Eco-friendly toys for your children.

 Please allow for 10-14 days to deliver within India. International deliveries may take longer.