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Rs. 2,465.00

Product Material :- Zinc, Copper, Silver, Soil from Bidar Fort Ammonium Chloride.

Dimension :- Height = 7" Inches 

Origin of the craft
Bidri craft gets its name from the Bidar district of Karnataka. The craft originated in Persia and
Came to India in the 14th century, flourishing in Bidar under the Bahamani Dynasty. While in
Persia. Gold and silver was inlayed on steel or copper, in Bidrihandicraft, zinc is the primary metal used.
About the craft
Bidrihandicraft has obtained the ‘Geographical Indication’ to certify that it can be made only in Biadr, the
significance of the craft lies not only in its beauty, history and a total of 36 steps are involved in production
technique & a ready-to- sell handicraft But also in a special ingredient- the soil from the Bidar Fort This black soil is
. an important Input for Bidri work as it has special chemical properties; the soil has been away from sunlight, And rain for hundreds of years and is used as an oxidizing agent. No one really knows what makes this soil
unique. Our Bidri craftsmen have varied theories- One suggested that back in the Sultans; days, copper coins were made in a section of the Fort. Powdered metal seeped down to the soil, giving it its oxidizing property over the years. Another artisan clamims it is because weapons were stored underground in the fort.

Shipping & Delivery:
Domestic-10-14 days
International- 20-25 days