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'College Bag'-Toda Embroidery- Ooty Tamilnadu

Rs. 1,375.00

Product Description
Material: 100% Cotton
Natural Dyes and Colours 
Hand-woven by the Toda Weaver Artisans of Tamilnadu

Product Usage:

These work bags are easy to sling and add a fashionable twist to your wardrobe. The bags can be matched with the Toda Masks on our site.

Textile Process:
The Toda Embroidery, also locally known as "pukhoor", is an art work among the Toda pastoral people of Nilgiris, in Tamil Nadu, made exclusively by their women. The embroidery, which has a fine finish, appears like a woven cloth but is made with use of red and black threads with a white cotton cloth background.

Wash Instructions:
Gentle hand wash

Shipping & Delivery:
Domestic-10-14 days
International- 20-25 days