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Mayur Pankhi Boat Sholapith Art Figurine - West Bengal

Rs. 2,662.00


Sholapith is a dried milky-white spongey plant matter from Aeschynomene species and often pressed into to make art. It is an ancient craft originating in Bengal and is used in making decorative items like ornate head-gears of the bride and the groom, garlands, decorative fans, animals, birds, dolls, images of gods and goddesses, elephant-howdahs, peacock-boats, palanquins, flowers and various kinds of crowns. They are used to make the bridal headgear (mukut) and the groom’s triangular hat (topor), as they are considered auspicious. Shola, therefore, from a very early period, has been intimately connected to the socio-cultural as well as the religious life of Bengalis.
Craft: Sholapith
Artist: Sanjivan Shah

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