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Handpainted Bottle by Patachitra Artisans- Odisha

Rs. 2,729.00


Material: Glass, outer material-Paper mache

Colour : black and white

Dimensions : 11'' x 3''

Purpose : It can be used as a vase or show piece. It is to be noted that the product recieved might not have the exact painting of gods and godesses because each piece is hand painted with the creative ability of the artisan, thus, each piece is unique in itself.

The power of brush as it draws a simple elephant is held in the hand of a Pattachitra artist from Raghurajpur. Pattachitra is one of the ancient artworks of Odisha. They are a component of an ancient Bengali narrative art, originally serving as a visual device during the performance of a song.

Kindly allow us a time period of 10 days to paint and create the product.