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Tangaliya Handwoven Stole

Rs. 2,669.00

Material: Pure Cotton

Size: 2.5 Meter

Tangaliya as the name suggests is derived from the word Tangalio meaning the lower part of the body. Tangaliya was traditionally a 10 by 4 cloth which was draped around the waist. However due to loom size constraints the cloth was woven 20 by 2in size and then cut in two parts and joined together to form a 10 by 4 shawl. This indigenous craft has deep rooted origin and history of about 700 years embedded in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Tangaliya is always black in colour and the Danas are either white or multi coloured. The uniqueness of Tangaliya is the beadwork like Danas created during the weaving process to create a patterned effect

Product specifications:

- Tangaliya weaving

- Hand weaved  by the local weavers of Gujarat

Wash care: - Gentle hand wash

Shipping & Delivery

Domestic: 10-15 Day
Innternational: 20-25 Days